The legislator is not entitled to put an undue, unpredictable burden on the investment companies financing the compensation of the Investor Protection Fund.

Women have the right to preferential treatment, especially in the field of the right to a pension, and this right follows from the Fundamental Law.

The power of agricultural-land committees to prevent land sale agreements is not contrary to the right to property. However, the agricultural-land committees should provide reasoning in their decisions.

The Act on Managing State Land, which would have transferred management rights for state-owned land to the National Land Management Fund, is unconstitutional The transfer of competences would have affected regulations reserved to cardinal Acts, meaning that a two-third majority in parliament would have been necessary to approve these parts of the Act. The transfer of property management to the National Land Management Fund would reduce the level of environmental protection, as the Fund prioritises mainly economic aspects of managing the land as opposed to ensuring they remain protected nature reserves.

Article VI.2 of the Fundamental Law requires a new legal framework, which will make the operations of the state bureaucracy more transparent by guaranteeing a proceeding in which the court can review the merits of an administrative decision declaring certain public information or personnel information, that should be available for public inspection, as classified.

Legislation on retail loan contracts that allows banks to unilaterally raise interests on foreign currency-denominated loans, laid the groundwork for requiring lenders to compensate retail borrowers for making unilateral changes to contracts and for using exchange rate margins when calculating repayments for foreign currency-denominated loans.