The Registered Partnership Act, which accords recognition to unmarried and same-sex partnerships, is unconstitutional, as it downgrades marriage. However, a partnership scheme for homosexual couples only would be constitutional.

Only natural persons are entitled to protection of their dignity by legislation. Such protection does not extend to broader communities or groups. However, the Court did not preclude the possibility of legal protection for the dignity of the individual, in view of their relationship with a particular community.

The right of assembly is enshrined within the Hungarian Constitution. It includes the right to hold assemblies organised in advance, and peaceful demonstrations organised for valid reasons at short notice. It also includes the right to hold spontaneous gatherings.

Some provisions of the Act transposing into Hungarian law the EU treaty on the Surrender Procedure between EU member states, Iceland and Norway contravene the prohibition of double jeopardy. The Treaty cannot be ratified until either Parliament eliminates the unconstitutionality or Article 57.4 of the Constitution comes into force.