The office

The Office of the Constitutional Court

The Office of the Constitutional Court consists of the staffs of the Judges, the Cabinet of the President, the General Secretariat, and the Financial Department of the Constitutional Court.


Cabinet of the President

The Cabinet of the President assists the President of the Court in his supervising, coordinating and representative activities. Its members are: the Chef de Cabinet, the councilor of the President, the referee of the President and the referee of international and protocol issues. The Cabinet is led by the President.

Chef de Cabinet: dr. Attila Szabó

Telephone: (0036) 1 4883 134
Fax: (0036) 1 4883 139
Address: 1535 Budapest, Postafiók 773
E-mail: kabinetfonok[at]


General Secretariat

The General Secretariat operating within the Office of the Constitutional Court performs the duties regarding the petitions; it contatcs the petitioners, takes the preparatory steps relative to the petitions in order to prepare the proceedings of the Judges. The leader of the unit is the Secretary General.

Secretary General: dr. Botond Bitskey

Telephone: (0036) 1 4883 220
Fax: (0036) 1 4883 229
Address: 1535 Budapest, Postafiók 773
E-mail: tajekoztatas[at]

Calls for data of public interest can be submitted also electronically /by e-mail/ to the following address: tajekoztatas[at]


Finance Department

The budgetary, financial, economic, maintenance, operational and human resources related tasks of the Office are dealt by the Department for Finances. Its duty is also to prepare the President of the Court’s decisions needed in these fields.

Head of Finance Department: József Csóti

Telephone: (0036) 1 4883 240
Fax: (0036) 1 4883 249
Address: 1535 Budapest, Postafiók 773
E-mail: gazdasagi[at]