18 September, 2018. Plenary session

– examination of the posterior norm control initiated against the Act CLXXVII of 2013 on the transitional and authorising provisions related to the entry into force of the Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code and the Act CCXX of 2015 on the amendment of the Act CCXII of 2013 on certain measures and transitional regulations related to the Act CXXII of 2013 on the Agricultural and Forestry Land Trade (agricultural lands, contract for usufructuary lease) (II/330/2016.)

– examination of the judicial initiative aimed at establishing the lack of conformity with the Fundamental Law and annulling Section 95/A(2) of the Act LXXXI of 1997 on Social Security Pension Benefits (orphan’s pension) (III/1175/2018.)