17 March 2014, Plenary Session

The Plenary Session of the Constitutional Court has 4 cases on agenda.


Case X/1769/2013, Interpretation of Article M) and Article II. of the Fundamental Law (regarding foreign-currency loan contracts)

Public announcement of the decision in case X/1769/2013

Case II/981/2013, Ex post review of conformity with the Fundamental Law on the petition of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights regarding certain provision of the Act LXXII of 2013 on the Creation of New Rules and Regulations Relating to the Oversight of National Security

Case IV/880/2012, Examination of constitutional complaint regarding the principle of rule of law, prohibition of discrimination and right to property

Case IV/3474/2012, Examination of constitutional complaint regarding the freedom of enterprise, principle of fair economic competition, right to freely choose job or profession and right to property