15th November, plenary session

19 November 2021

– examination of the admissibility of the judicial initiative against section 459 (1) item 18 (a) to (b) and item 33 of the Act C of 2012 on the Criminal Code, and the Act CLIV of 2020 (legislation to define new psychoactive substances and drug in criminal law) (III/2502/2021.)

– examination of the admissibility of the application of the Minister for Justice for interpretation of Article E (2) and Article XIV (4) of the Fundamental Law (judgement of the Court of Justice of the European Union in Case C-808/18, asylum, exercise of EU powers) (X/477/2021.)

– examination of the admissibility of the constitutional complaint aimed at establishing the lack of conformity with the Fundamental Law and annulling the judgement No. Pfv.I.20.673/2020/11 of the Curia and the Act LXXIII of 1990 on the liquidation of the assets of certain social organisations linked to the previous system (legal successor of a political party) (IV/3376/2021.)