Official publications

22 May 2017

The publications of the Constitutional Court of Hungary are:


Official Gazette of the Constitutional Court (In Hungarian: AB Közlöny)

The Official Gazette of the Constitutional Court is a monthly bulletin, which has been the official gazette of the Constitutional Court for two decades. The printed version of the official gazette of the Court has been substituted by an electronic format since January 2011. Some of the gazettes can be downloaded for free from the website of the Constitutional Court.
The Hungarian version is available here.


Annual Collection of Decisions of the Constitutional Court (In Hungarian: Az Alkotmánybíróság határozatai)

The ”Decisions of the Constitutional Court” is an annually published book which contains all the decisions and rulings taken by the Constitutional Court that year, moreover it has the related register of subjects and norms. These books serve as the basis for references of jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court made in the Official Gazette.
The Hungarian version is available here.


Yearbook (In Hungarian: Évkönyv)

The yearbook the Hungarian Constitutional Court offers an annual review of the Court’s activity. It contains a selection of its major decisions, statistical data on its proceedings and the most important events of the year. The yearbook presents the establishment of the Constitutional Court, its Organisation and Procedure, its competence (posterior review of the constitutionality of statutes, preventive review of unconstitutionality of Acts of Parilament, review of Acts for conformity with international treaties, determining unconstitutional omission to legislate, passing judgement on constitutional complaints, resolution of certain conflicts of competence, interpretation of provisions of the Fundamental Law, miscellaneous proceedings) and its members. It gives answers on some frequently asked questions and information on the most important symbols of the Constitutional Court.

The last chapter of the yearbook contains a summary in English.


Constitutional Court Review (In Hungarian: Alkotmánybírósági Szemle)

The Constitutional Court has decided to present itself to the public by launching a scientific journal. The Constitutional Court Review is published twice a year, containing the most important decisions of the Hungarian Constitutional Court selected by the editors. Studies and analyses on the decisions are also published. The main objective of the Review is to highlight the most important elements of the decisions and the procedures of the Court. The editors intend to provide substantial and useful resources to all those who are interested in constitutional law.
The Hungarian version is available here.

Chairman of Editorial Board: Tamás Sulyok, President of the Constitutional Court