In an open letter, Tamás Sulyok has expressed his reaction to the political ideas that have been gaining momentum in recent months, which envisage the abolition with one stroke of a pen of the Fundamental Law and the dissolution of the Constitutional Court in the event of a change of Government.

The views expressed by certain political parties and clearly supported by intellectual groups sympathetic to them are, in the view of the Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court, a direct and massive attack on the rule of law and democracy and, as such, are utterly unacceptable in a democratic State governed by the rule of law. In his letter addressed to the representatives of the branches of power, the President of the Republic János Áder, the Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and the Speaker of the National Assembly László Kövér, Tamás Sulyok states that

“As guardians of the smooth functioning of the legal system, constitutional courts ensure that the acts of the branches of government comply with the provisions of the constitutions. The Hungarian Constitutional Court, similarly to other European constitutional courts, acts as a body which is a generally accepted guarantee of the rule of law and democracy in European constitutional democracies. The Constitutional Court exercises constitutional control over all branches of government, but that the smooth functioning of the legislative and executive branches must be guaranteed jointly.”

The full text of the open letter by the Chief Justice of the Constitutional Court is available here >>