International relations

International Relations of the Constitutional Court of Hungary

Ever since the Constitutional Court of Hungary (hereinafter: CCoH) was established in 1989 (started its operation on the 1st of January 1990), it has been participating in the international co-operation between the constitutional courts and the equivalent bodies not just within Europe but all around the world.

Multilateral relations

1) The European Commission for Democracy through Law (hereinafter: the Venice Commission)

Not long after its foundation, in 1992, the CCoH joined the Conference of European Constitutional Courts. The CCoH is a founding member of the World Conference on Constitutional Justice also organized by the Venice Commission.

Showing its commitment to the European – and worldwide – co-operation between such institutions, the CCoH has hosted the 10th Conference of European Constitutional Courts in 1996 and the 5th Meeting of the Joint Council on Constitutional Justice Mini Conference on “Gender Equality” in 2008.

Moreover, the CCoH is also a founder member of the Joint Council on Constitutional Justice which is operating as a steering body for the co-operation of the Venice Commission with the constitutional courts and the equivalent bodies ( Council on Constitutional Justice).

The CCoH contributes regularly to the Bulletin on Constitutional Case Law, published by the Venice Commission three times a year (

2) European Court of Human Rights (hereafter: ECHR)

The CCoH is participating in the Superior Courts Network, created by the ECHR which allows the CCoH to exchange information with the national superior courts on Convention case-law and related information (

3) Regional

The CCoH traditionally maintains strong partnership with the constitutional courts of the neighbouring countries. In February of 2017 for example the CCoH hosted the conference of the constitutional courts of the Visegrad countries for the first time.

Bilateral co-operation

The CCoH is willing to strengthen its bilateral connections with other institutions not just regionally but worldwide.

As an example, the constant dialogue with the Austrian Constitutional Court shall be mentioned. The members of the two institutions meet every year and hold common sessions on various constitutional matters.

The CCoH is open to receive professional visitors from all around the world. The possibility of having a general dialogue or on a specific issue is always granted. However, prior notice is required.