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2017. November 14.

Decision 30/2017 on annulling Section certain provisions of the Act on Public Employment and on the Amendment of Acts Connected to Public Employment

Decision number: Decision 30/2017. (XI. 14.)
Subject of the case:

Petition for posterior norm control submitted with the aim of establishing the lack of conformity with the Fundamental Law and annulling Section 33 para. (7), Section 132 para. (4) item a), Section 38 para. (9), Section 132 para. (4) item e) of the Act III of 1993 on Social Administration and Social Benefits and Section 1 paras (4a)–(4g), Section 2 para. (5) item g) of the Act CVI of 2011 on Public Employment and on the amendment of Acts related to Public Employment and other Acts (public employment; social benefits)

Requiring those taking part in a public employment programme to keep their living space tidy as a condition of participation constitutes an indirect violation of the principle of general equality and discrimination relating to the right to private life.