As the guest of honour of the Budapest celebration commemorating the 72nd anniversary of the independence of Indonesia, the president of the Constitutional Court announced in the presence of diplomats that the next term of the Constitutional Court shall be a period of intensive international opening and international dialogue. Since the year 2012, the introduction of real constitutional complaint, the Hungarian Constitutional Court has caught up with the trendsetting tendencies in the field of the protection of fundamental rights that prevail in Western Europe and in particular in Germany. In Hungary, the Constitutional Court considers the protection of rights to be its main duty and through its decisions the Court exercises a significant impact on the citizens’ everyday life.

As pointed out by Tamás Sulyok on 7 September in the Vigadó Hall: the secret of successful international relations is to look for what connects us and not what divides. Dialogue arching over borders between international institutions has never been so important for the Constitutional Court as it is today, since it is the key to understand each other and to move along our joint road together. The Fundamental Law declares that we respect the freedom and cultures of other peoples, and shall strive to cooperate with every nation of the world. In the spirit of this thought the Constitutional Court shall host several delegations in the months to come as well as organise or participate at many bilateral and multilateral meetings. We shall deepen our cooperation with the foreign diplomats residing in Hungary and we intend to accurately present the Hungarian events affecting our institution by way of new means of direct communication in English language.

Until recently the Constitutional Court of Indonesia had presided over the Association of Asian Constitutional Courts. As underlined by Tamás Sulyok in his welcoming speech: although the history of the two countries differ and there are also significant differences regarding the geographical size and the population number of our countries, Hungary and Indonesia face similar challenges today. The president of the Constitutional Court called the attention of the celebration’s participants to the joint interest of the citizens of both countries: we should live in a free, democratic and civilised world where the fundamental human rights are granted and institutionally safeguarded.


Budapest, 8 September, 2017.