On 4 September, in Budapest the president of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) underlined the importance of European judicial cooperation. Mr. Koen Lenaerts paid an official visit to Hungary including talks with Constitutional Court president Tamás Sulyok and Curia president Péter Darák.

At the roundtable discussion organised at the Curia, Mr. Lenaerts emphasized: as the nations of Europe are unified in diversity, those who apply the law are bound to create equilibrium. The Union’s law should not be seen as foreign law since it is functioning in the individual Member States as a part of national law. After the elimination of the restrictions of the internal market, a single legal area has become a joint interest of all of us. As the president explained: a balance has to be created between the freedom of economic competition and the rights of the consumers.

Court of the European Union judge Endre Juhász, Constitutional Court president Tamás Sulyok, Curia president Péter Darák as well as judges and chief counsellors of the Curia participated in the meeting. In a reply to a question posed by a judge, Mr. Koen Lenaerts explained that due to the complex order of procedure of the CJEU, the court has little room to speed up the decision making process even in priority cases. This applies to the legal debates in the field of consumer protection, too.

According to Mr. Koen Lenaerts, an intensive dialogue between the courts of the Member States and the judicial fora of the European Union is indispensable for progressing on a common road. For developing and interpreting the European law, the Court of Justice of the European Union needs the concerns raised by the Member State courts.

Before the roundtable discussion, the guests participated in a working dinner offered by the president of the Constitutional Court where they had discussed the potentials of a closer professional dialogue between the institutions.


Budapest, 4 September 2017.