“In spite of the economic crises and the difficulties, the standards of the rule of law shall be respected; the level of the protection of fundamental rights should not decrease in the future” – said Péter Paczolay, President of Constitutional Court of Hungary at the joint press conference with the President of the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany in Gödöllő.

Péter Paczolay said that the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany maintained its achievements in the field of the rule of law despite the effects of the crises. He added that strengthening of rule of law is the stable basis of the solution of the difficulties that concern whole Europe.

Andreas Voßkuhle, President of the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany, emphasized in his speech that Europe can continue to develop only within stable constitutional frameworks. Despite the great challenges, the European law became more uniform, which means a common basis.

During the meeting, Péter Paczolay presented the recent changes in the competences and the rules of operation following the enactment of the Fundamental Law and the new Act on Constitutional Court. The President emphasized – among the concerned issues – the new type of the constitutional complaint and its admissibility procedure, the new Rules of Procedure of the CC, the fourth amendment of the Fundamental Law and its effect on the work of the CC. He remarked that the practice of the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany was an important point of comparison in the beginning, as the admissibility procedure is a new institution. Furthermore, Péter Paczolay mentioned the restriction of the Court’s competence regarding budget and tax cases which is maintained by the Fundamental Law as well.

The judges of both Courts considered important that the European and national mechanisms in the field of fundamental rights protection – by reinforcing and complementing each other – build the culture of human rights more efficiently.