On 28 October 2019, Mr. Tamás Sulyok, Chief Justice of the Hungarian Constitutional Court received Mr. Atanas Semov, Justice of the Bulgarian Constitutional Court.

At the bilateral meeting, the parties agreed that cooperation between the constitutional courts of the Member States was of the utmost importance and that continuous dialogue between the courts was essential. The day-to-day institutionalized co-operation between the constitutional courts of Central and Eastern Europe seems indispensable, beacuse of the similarity of the constitutional problems that arise. The exchange of views on national and constitutional identities and the relationship between national law and EU law is one of the most pressing issues of our time, and we must seek and find answers together to the challenges of our time. Enlargement of the European Union, the problem of migration and constitutional identity are probably the three most important issues that national constitutional courts in central Europe will be confronted with in the near future.

The negotiators also agreed to exchange ideas on current constitutional issues at regular bilateral meetings in the future.