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2017.09.26 Successful introduction of constitutional complaint in Hungary

For the first time in the history of the institution, as much as 40 ambassadors accredited to Hungary participated at the reception offered by the president of the Constitutional Court and held in Budapest in the hall of the Constitutional Court. The purpose of organising this event was to convey authentic information to the international public on the role of the Constitutional Court in the Hungarian democracy, the significant powers it has in the field of protecting fundamental rights, its competences, and its members elected on the basis of a political consensus. Tamás Sulyok emphasized to the participating diplomats the importance of widening international relations and close dialogues in the field of judicial cooperation.

2017.09.18 Tamás Sulyok: the duty of the Constitutional Court is the protection of the weak against the excessive power of the strong ones

As the guest of honour of the Budapest celebration commemorating the 72nd anniversary of the independence of Indonesia, the president of the Constitutional Court announced in the presence of diplomats that the next term of the Constitutional Court shall be a period of intensive international opening and international dialogue. Since the year 2012, the introduction of real constitutional complaint, the Hungarian Constitutional Court has caught up with the trendsetting tendencies in the field of the protection of fundamental rights that prevail in Western Europe and in particular in Germany. In Hungary, the Constitutional Court considers the protection of rights to be its main duty and through its decisions the Court exercises a significant impact on the citizens’ everyday life.