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2017.06.30 Tamás Sulyok: the Hungarian quota-decision is a pioneer step in Europe. Fundamental rights and the protection of national identity are in the focus.

In Batumi, at the XVIIth conference of European constitutional courts, the president of the Constitutional Court emphasized: in December last year the Hungarian Constitutional Court was the first in Europe to establish in a decision with a binding force on everyone that the safeguarding of our national identity can only be achieved in the European Union in the framework of a dialogue with each other. This way, the Constitutional Court endorsed the safeguarding both of our Hungarian and our European identities.

2017.06.30 From 17 July 2017 till 25 August 2017 the Constitutional Court has judicial vacations

In accordance with Section 12 of the Rules of Procedure of the Constitutional Court determines its judicial vacations period from 17 July 2017 until 25 August 2017.